her work

Anouk is an actress who is available for photo shoots. In the past Anouk workedfor a international modeling agency based in Amsterdam.

If you are interested please contact:

haar werk

Anouk is een actrice die beschikbaar is voor fotoshoots. Enkele jaren heeft ze gewerkt voor een internationaal modellenbureau gevestigd in Amsterdam.

Geïnteresseerd? Neem contact op via:

Fernando paz

Paris City girl - Styling by Lily BOGos

Photographer: fernando paz


Fashion Week Paris

Designer: Dorhout Mees

Fashion Week Amsterdam

Designer: Claes Iversen


Photographer Jessica Vosman

Art of colors

Theme: Wassily Kandinsky

Make-up: Connie Man            

Photographer: Richard Monsieurs

Styling: Another academy

Theme: Thierry Mugler

Make-up: Lydia Thann

Photographer: Richard Monsieurs

Styling: Another academy

Designer: Jef Montes

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam ''Future Generation''

Recording live stream

Valero photoshoot by Sabrina Bongiovanni / Design by Jef Montes

Photographer: Petros Toufexis

Photography: To Huidekoper

About me / Over mij

Hight: 180 - 6'0'
Bust: 80 - 32
Waist: 63 - 24'5
Hips: 89 - 35
Shoes: 40 - 9'5
Hair: brown (curly)
Eyes: Blue/green